LIM College's 75th Anual Fashion Show

Journey of the Diamond

Preliminary Designs

sample image of first logo attempt
sample image of second logo attempt

Initially I was asked to produce some ideas for a logo with a diamond and the number 75 since it was the shows 75th anniversarry with the idea of "The Journey of the Diamond". The logo also had to include the LIM College logo. I created a good array of choices for them to choose from and these were some of the sapmles of what i initially sent. After some discussion we decided to concentrate on one with the number 75 as the main logo.

The primary program used to crreate the designs is Adobe Illustrator.

prelim image of 75 logo
Image of final 75 logo

A number of samples were sent and they all decided on one with a detailed bejeweled number 75. I spent a good deal of time on the details and although all the designs were loved we all decided on a simpler version for the final product that would accentuate the diamond with a faint 75 in the diamond and the title of the event.

Approved lim logo
image of event flyer
horozontal event flyer

These are samples of the final logo that was approved by the school. Clean, simple and elegant with all of the elements they asked for. The Eventbrite flyers were designe d for both a vertical and horizotal option.

Video of Live Event

Uilizing the logo itro I created for them using Adobe AfterEffects